The Sexy Vegan's Guide To Tanzanite




Color is all the rage with jewelry right now. From chocolate diamonds to royal rubies to eye-catching blue tanzanite, women love adding brightly colored gemstones to their wardrobe.


What you may not know is that awareness of this gemstone is relatively new. It turns out it was not discovered until 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro.

The gemstone is only naturally occurring in this region.


Its properties make it a popular choice for people who love sapphire, but do not have the budget to buy the more expensive deep-blue gem. Instead, many look at Tanzanite, which is a variety of blue and violet zoisite, to take its place. The blue and violet gemstones will at the same time sparkle with tones of deep red and other colors. It is definitely a fascinating gem for this reason. Zoisite is a mineral that is a calcium-aluminium hydroxyl Sorosilicate. It belongs to the epidote group.


The Design And Setting

Tanzanite is beautiful whether set in yellow or white gold. It is often paired with diamonds, which set off the blues more. The stone is  included in wedding and engagement rings along with other rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

The darker it is the more costly it generally becomes. When shopping for tanzanite, look for a stone that has no visible cracks. Like other gemstones, it is important to protect it from breakage. That means it is usually a good idea to remove it if engaging in activities that could cause it to be hit hard. If you are not sure that you can remember to remove the jewelry, or are particularly hard on things then you may want to invest in sapphire instead. It is a harder gemstone that can take more of a beating.


Finding a trustworthy tanzanite jeweler is the next step (you can check out Tanzanite Rings HQ as a great source If you are going to the same jeweler you ever have then you are in good hands. For others, the quest starts online and can end up in disappointment. There is definitely a case of buyer beware when venturing online.


Make sure to read the fine print about the quality of the gemstones, return policy, and any restocking fees. Many people are forced to pay hefty restocking fees from unreputable online sellers. When searching for the beauty of Tanzanite Jewelry can be difficult to judge a stone from an online picture, without being able to view it first hand.


Some of the issues for tanzanite include lighting. Different types of lighting shows off different color and attributes of this type of gemstone. A fluorescent light will radiate the blues in a more pronounced manner, for instance.


Why Tanzanite is 2015 gem of the year is that it is colorful. It is less expensive than sapphire, yet has a spectrum of colors to excite the eyes, all in one stone. It is popular for its ability to  play well with diamonds to make a visually appealing display for years to come. They are such pretty stones that they are fit for wedding and engagement rings.Double click to insert body text here ...